Imagine that you’re a working parent. Now imagine that you’re a guilt-free working parent. It’s not easy, is it?

I know you. I am you! You’re torn by the constant nagging feeling that you’re almost certainly letting someone down. And the deeper you go with that guilt the more you’re sure that the someone you let down most is your gorgeous kid. The tiny human you promised you’d never let down before they were even born. And now look, it’s practically a daily occurrence. You try not to think about it too much, because it doesn’t change anything and breaks your heart a little every time you fall down that guilt-hole. 

When you make a stand and refuse to let your kid down because you don’t want to miss yet another of their performance assemblies, you’re definitely letting someone down at work, which isn’t you either. You wish your work colleagues knew how bad you feel about letting them down. It’s just that work-guilt feels less bad than kid-guilt and you can’t go on lugging the guilt train around every day! It’s all getting too much.

Enough! I say, enough of the guilt. Let’s do this differently.

What if you had a super-flexible job with a wonderful boss. You’re trusted to crack on and get your work done, because you really know your stuff. And that means you don’t have to be visible to everyone at all times. Yippee! My Kids Village is all about getting work-life and kid-life to connect better and flexible work is a massive part of guilt-free parenting. 

And what if while you’re working, you’ve got total peace of mind knowing that the quality childcare you’ve chosen is just right for your child and what they need right now. You also know that as your child grows and needs change that there are plenty of other trusted providers you can go to, because you’ve already sussed them out. In fact it was really easy. It only took you a few minutes online.

This is the guilt-free future I want you to build with me. Are you in? 

My Kids Village is here to make your life easier. We want to have all the best quality and trusted providers on our free website so that you can build the village you need for your family. We want to become the place that you recommend all your other guilt-ridden parent-friends come to and feel heard, understood and lightened of their load.

As we grow we will do more and more to make your lives easier. Help us build your village by recommending us when you find a great new holiday programme, childcare centre or after school club. 

One thing you can do is share My Kids Village with one friend or quality childcare provider, or like and share our Facebook page. Providers get a free online profile, so you don’t need to sell anything to anyone. This is all about getting the right information to the right families when they need it.

Simple and guilt-free!