Childcare providers – We need you now more than ever!

Childcare providers, all over the country, we miss you sorely right now. And so do our kids. In this time of pandemic response our children have had time to reflect. Both of my kids have missed their teachers, their friends and the activities that they rely on to give them a rhythm, variety and fun to their week. 

During this time, parents have also had a reset. With all the daily routine being thrown out the window during the lock-down, we were able to reflect on which pieces of our puzzle we want to keep hold of and what we might change in future.

Childcare providers of all sorts have delivered some amazing online experiences for our kids over the last few weeks. Daily magic shows live-streamed on facebook, daycare ‘mat-time’ routines tested to the limit via zoom and experiences shared between school and home, to name just a few.

What I know is that I appreciate the childcare providers now more than ever. I’ve found myself wanting to explore some new options that I think my kids might enjoy now we’ve been thrown out of our well-worn routine. A refresh of some activities mixed with a return to our trusty favourites feels like a recipe for success post-lock-down life.

So, childcare providers all over New Zealand, prepare yourselves for a wave of love and demand! We will be flocking to your door as soon as alert levels allow, to refresh our tired old routines with some fresh inspiration.