I’m no expert on how to manage food during a pandemic response. Let’s get that clear right from the outset. 

I have a friend who is much better qualified to offer advice than I am! She knows a thing or two about managing food carefully. She’s mum of eight, yes, you read that right, eight beautiful kids aged 1 to 18. She shared a little wisdom on how to manage food to minimise waste so I thought I’d tell you about her top tips!

  1. Make sure you know what food you have already
  2. Check the dates on everything
  3. Write a meal plan – make sure it fits with when things go out of date
  4. If the dates don’t line up, freeze it or give it away
  5. Freezing tip – Blanch or lightly fry fruit and veg with high water content before it goes in the freezer
  6. Giving away tip – Olio can help here!
  7. Check your meal plan every night and defrost what you’ll need for tomorrow

Simple stuff when you see it, but I know it will change the habits I’ve formed around managing food. 

It’s also helped with my urge to join in with the emotional panic buying at the supermarket. This morning my family followed these top tips and then wrote our shopping list. It’s much less than I thought we needed, so I’m feeling rational, rather than highly emotional as I head to the shops! That’s got to be a good thing.

Finally, I asked what meal option she’d recommend families go for right now. Her answer? Baked potatoes. Genius! Any topping goes, depending on what’s in the cupboard and what’s leftover. That’ll be on our weekly meal plan from now on!

Pass it on.