I count myself very lucky. My mum flies over to Wellington from the UK every year for a month to spend time with me, my husband and our two girls.

When she’s here, everything gets better. She helps out with drop-off and pick-up during the weekdays giving me and my husband more wriggle room than we are used to throughout the rest of the year. The girls love having Grannie to come and pick them up a bit earlier than usual. They get to play at home or go to the park for an hour before dinner time, which gives them more freedom during the last weeks of summer. New memories are formed with each visit, which we can treasure all year round.

I’ve just got home from dropping Mum at the airport for her flight home, so it’s about 10 months and 28 days until she’s here again, not that I’m already counting down or anything! This is the hardest part of the year for me. Signs of her are all over the house, bitter-sweet echoes for a few days of the laughs and stories we’ve shared and the enormous help and emotional support she’s given me. One of my favourite, albeit fleeting, reminders is the precious gift of an empty washing bin that I will treasure for every moment of the next 6 hours until it inevitably overflows again!

It’s at moments like this, when I feel so grateful for Mum’s help while she’s become a real part of the village it takes to raise my daughters, that I feel most energised about the purpose of My Kids Village. As the Grannies, and honorary Grannies, we are all blessed with come and go for different seasons and reasons, we all need help in picking up that nurturing care for our kids when we’re not around to do it ourselves.

My Kids Village is a free online space for every one of the wonderful, caring providers that we rely on during these Grannie-free moments. Having as many as we can profilied on My Kids Village helps us navigate our family life and we couldn’t do it without you!

Sign up if you haven’t already. Thank you!

[Dedicated to Mum/Grannie]