I was talking to some parents recently about the challenges of childcare.  The thing that struck me most was that, just when we think we’ve got it sorted, our kids move on and need something new!


It reminded me of those really early days with a new-born.  You hear of people, mythical families, who have managed to get into a routine.  The overwhelming experience for me was the minute my baby got close to being predictable, she’d go and do something off-the-scale and keep me on my toes!


Seven years on and that hasn’t changed.  Ballet was the best thing for a while, then after watching professional ballet dancers, everything changed.  You’d think that watching that level of ballet would inspire your kid to want to carry on, but no, not-so-much!  The real ballet dancers had moves that she never saw in her weekly ballet class.  My explanations about learning the basics and building up to reach expert levels over time didn’t cut it.  My daughter decided that instructions were out of place when it comes to dancing and she wanted to be free to express herself.  So, at the end of that term, the ballet experiment was over!  Brownies is now the new ballet – who knew?!


Parents with pre-teen kids have told me that holiday clubs were the best thing, until their kids hit around 10 years-old.  At this point working families are pulling their hair out, having to do the ‘big sell’ on the holiday programme options.  That sometimes works, for a short while.  At this point, a nanny-type option is the only way to go.  The kids want to be left alone to stay at home and avoid the structured activities on offer elsewhere.


My Kids Village gets that what you need changes as your family grows.  And sometimes those changes come when you least expect it!  We’ve got holiday programmes, nannies, babysitters and so much more. Keep us in mind when you’re next on the lookout, whenever that may be and probably when you least expect it!  www.mykidsvillage.co.nz