We recently ran a short survey and over half of you are on the lookout for birthday party providers to give your little ones a special day that everyone can enjoy, maybe even you!

It got me thinking about what we really want when we’re looking for help with these annual festivities. Having spoken to a few of you about it, here are some of the messages I heard, loud and clear, in order of popular opinion.

  1. Make sure there’s an engaging activity for the kids to keep them entertained and having a great time.  There’s a bonus point for energetic leaders to keep the kids focused.
  2. Clean up at the end!  We dread being left cleaning up after we’ve managed the pre-party build-up and hosting on the day, so please, please, help us with this final hurdle.  We’ve run out of steam at this point!
  3. Feed the kids and sneak in some healthy options amongst the chocolate covered treats and fried, yellow food.
  4. Before we book the party give us a few options at different price levels so we can decide what we want to do and what we’re happy to pay for.
  5. My favourite response was, “if the parents are happy, everyone’s happy!”

Next time you find yourself at a kid’s party that’s going well, remember to tell the provider about My Kids Village, so that they can sign up for their free profile.  Help us help more parents find the good ones who know what we really need! 

We’ve got some great new party providers signed up since you told us that that’s what you need, so remember to check them out.